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CA Screenshot Learn Menu

Once you’ve enrolled in a course, visit My Courses by clicking in the right hand menu.


CA Screenshot My Courses Menu

You’ll then see My Messages, Active Courses and Completed Courses:
* My Messages – see conversations you’ve had with your course teacher
* Active Courses – the courses you are enrolled in and are yet to complete
* Completed Courses – the courses you are enrolled in and have completed


CA Screenshot My Courses Course Progress

You will also see your progress for each course, including how many lessons you have completed.
Click on the course name to visit its course home page.



If you scroll down to the bottom of the course home page, you will see the modules and lessons for the course. The tick in a circle icon will appear when you complete a lesson. ‘Completed’ will also appear when you have finished all the lessons in a module.

CA Screenshot Course Page Lessons Completed



Click on a lesson name to get started. Once you’ve completed that lesson, click on the green COMPLETE LESSON button at the bottom of the page.

CA Screenshot Lesson Complete Button

You’ll see a message that confirms that you have passed the lesson. Click on the NEXT LESSON button to move forward in the course.

CA Screenshot Lesson Completed


Some lessons have an activity for you to complete. Click on VIEW THE LESSON ACTIVITY to get started.

CA Screenshot View the Lesson Activity

You’ll see instructions on how to complete the activity. And at the end you can COMPLETE THE ACTIVITY or SAVE ACTIVITY to do later.

CA Screenshot Lesson Activity Complete Save

After you click COMPLETE ACTIVITY, you’ll see a message that tells you that your activity has been submitted for grading. When your course teacher has graded the activity, you’ll get confirmation email.

CA Screenshot Lesson Activity Completed



Once you’ve finished your course and your activities have been graded, you will receive a confirmation email.
Your course will also move to the Completed Courses section of My Courses and you’ll be able to view your certificate for PD hours and your lesson activity results.

CA Screenshot Completed Course Results Certificate



Need more help?

Click on the CONTACT COURSE TEACHER or CONTACT LESSON TEACHER button and your teacher will get back to you asap.